fictions is a small exploration and stealth game


fictions, is the first build from Somewhere.

It is auxiliary to Somewhere, and is in-itself a complete story.

It is also a build, created to test our first draft of the game mechanics.
So we have deliberately curtailed the storytelling and interaction to a linear form (for now).

If everything works as it ought to, we will, over subsequent builds, make several additions to stealth, and create a Gameworld where you can go bonkers with the character flip !

This build contains numerous allusions to the story, “The Approach to Al-Mu’Tasim” by Luis Borges. this story can be found in a collection called  Fictions.

Borge’s story is an examination of a fictional book called ” Approach to Al-Mu’Tasim “, This fictional book was written in Bombay by an imaginary author called Mir Bahadur Ali, and features an unnamed protagonist who travels through India in search of a mythical man called Al-Mu’Tasim.

I do recommend that you read it for yourself !

If you like the game, do help us spread the word ! we would like as many people as possible playing, discussing and critiquing our work.